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Town Comes Up with Creative Way to Avoid Jail Time

As an alternative to spending weeks in jail, the town came up with a creative way to handle traffic violators.









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I had racked up a series of parking and traffic fines, and had to appear before the court. While I could have paid it, it would have depleted my bank account severely.

To help make sure my sentence would be under that 90 day limit, I agreed beforehand to accept corporal punishment in lieu of those fines or jail time.

"Since you have opted for the alternative program, I am sentencing you to 18 to 24 strokes, in the manner prescribed by law."


I made the mistake of rolling my eyes and pleading that it had been a few months since my last violation, and that they were unlikely to occur again, so let's just skip this trivial punishment. But all that did was anger the judge...


Like other professions, judges have different attitudes, demeanors, competence, and experience. Judges may come to the bench with personal or political goals...

""Oh really? I'll have none of your backtalk!, this court and my judgment WILL be respected!"

"I'm increasing it to 48 strokes."

"Want to try for 60?"



"Some of our ladies are very much into this sort of thing. One of them is going to have a field day with you."

"Case dismissed. Next case!"







Fantasy Specifics

And so not quite knowing what to expect, I made an appointment and duly showed up on the date, two weeks later.

Now I'm no Brad Pitt, but she seemed genuinely glad to see me.


It did not take me long to find out why. While she wouldn't have considered me for a second for dating purposes, the thought of having an even halfway in shape guy to exercise her interests upon appealed to her.

"Don't have any illusions here. I believe in guilt and punishment, and I intend to fully fulfill the order of the court."



"I fully intend to flog your exposed backside, and without doing any permanent damage, I intend to make it sting and make it as embarrassing for you as I can."


There was a gleam in her eyes as she said it, and I started to loose my nerve. In fact, I became quite the sniveling wimp. But my pleading only seemed to humor her.

"Couldn't we just say you carried out the punishment? I promise not to say a word to anyone nor wind up in court again."



"I could. It would risk my job, but I could. But unless Brad Pitt were to walk through the door to take your place - why would I forego an afternoon's entertainment of making your backside squirm?"

There was a slight smile accompanied by gleam in her eyes as she said it. No, she would have never have chosen me from a dating website. But I was there and I was subject to her authority. She was obviously relishing this arrangement.


With that, she had me place my hands behind my neck while she undid my trousers and slipped them down.

""Could you leave my underwear on?", I pleaded. "They won't protect me much."



"Certainly not! The law mandates that punishment is to be carried out upon the exposed buttocks."

With that she slowly lowered my under drawers, trying to make the moment of revelation as embarrassing as possible.


"Why professor!, for a guy your age, what a nice bottom you have! Let me feel it to determine just how I should go about whipping it, and slap it to bring the blood to the surface so as to minimize any damage - before we move on to more effective instruments."

She felt and kneaded. She rubbed in some baby oil and slapped my buttocks. This went on for a while - and while alternating between doing these things she would order me to alternately tense and relax my bottom, stick it out more, still all the while complimenting me for the shape I was in for my age. She would tease me for how the guilty must after all be punished, and she would say things like how was going to make my backside squirm and how I was going to pay my debt to society. She was obviously relishing her role and she was trying to embarrass me. But it was starting to have quite the opposite effect. She was making me (me!, of all people) feel more like a Greek God than a punished inmate. It had been a long, long time since a woman simply could not keep her hands off of me. And it was far from an unpleasant experience.




Finally she had arrived at her evaluation and slowly declared:

"I think we should start with about 12 with a 1/4" cane and 12 with a 3/8" cane bent over a sofa arm or table/desk edge. Then I think we should finish with a good old fashioned Texas belt whuppin' over some pillows over the bed."

The way she slowly she said that last part was heavily Texas accented, and a concern. If it came to swinging a belt and if she was in fact, a Texas Good 'ol gal, I knew I'd be in for it. Those women really know how to administer a belt whuppin'. I knew she'd demand one's derriere stick well out "for what has to be done".



Before starting, my buttocks involuntarily tensed as she swung the cane though the air, so as to get a feel for its springiness. She certainly knew how to get the most out of the situation.

"Why you're being downright lazy professor! Let's see if we can't get a little more flinching, thrusting and wriggling action out of that backside of yours, shall we?"

And with those types of cat and mouse expressions, she ramped up the intensity by laying on the cane on even harder.


Then came time for the finale. The area at which her Texas upbringing and expertise made her one of favorites of the court. She switched over into full Texas good 'ol gal mode...

"Now I'm gonna whup that law breakin' ass of yours so you'll think twice about it the next time. Before I'm finished with you, you're gonna be humping your ass into that pillow like it was your girl friend."

Like the hiss of the switch, the way she cracked that belt made it sound like it carried a lot of sting, and I once again found myself tensing my backside involuntarily.



Finally, when it was all over, I expected some sort of admonishment for what I had done (she hadn't seemed the least bit interested in my actual offense). But instead she concluded by:

"Well, I hope you've developed a healthy respect for the law. But don't expect me to warn you about violating it again. No, not at all - because I'd love to have you back here and invite some of my girlfriends over to witness justice being carried out. After all, without punishment, there is no justice."

With that she smiled as I left. She had a fetish. And I was certainly sufficient to satisfy at least some of it.




"My girlfriends and I really know how to whip a guy's ass."



"Just send them to us"