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I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

A short alternative to "Thelma and Louise" type misandry.

In the 1932 movie "I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang", an attractive yet gold digging woman marries a man who is studying to become a bridge engineer. He'd work 50 hours per week then go to night school.  She figured he was on his way up.   Several years later he confesses to her that he is an escaped prisoner.  She acts trusting and sympathetic, but wastes little time reporting him to the authorities. This will give her complete command over the wealth he has accumulated and enable her to live the high life - as opposed to her husband's frugal ways. What follows departs from the movie, turning it into a F/M scenario.

When Muni is sent back to prison, the woman asks the wardeness if she can be present whenever he is whipped.  Formal punishment meant a whipping in front of witnesses. Part of the prison rules stated that: no convict shall be whipped except in the presence of some of the law abiding citizens of the State, not directly employed by the penitentiary system.  The whipping shall be laid on no other part of the convict's body than the buttocks.

She looks on with glee when Muni is given his first whipping for having had escaped.  Even attempting an escape carried a severe penalty: a whipping without limits. His buttocks are exposed and strapped red and raw with a broad leather prison strap by the wardeness. 

The prisoners were required to doff their caps to visitors who came to the penitentiary.  They were taught to be humble and servile at all times.  All she had to do - when in the mood for entertainment, was to show up at prison and walk the yard in Muni's presence.  Many accounts from the period describe even the hardest convicts begging and pleading to avoid the strap, yet his refusal to doff his cap would always lead to an entertaining spectacle for her.  Like Elsa, The Bitch of Buchenwald, she always enjoyed showing up in the prison yard acting like a bold hussy to torture the sex starved inmates. They would watch the cheeks of her ass flex as she walked.  Since excessive staring (let alone a cat call) would get an inmate flogged, she'd strive to create a few encores beyond Muni's flogging.

 In practice a few of the prison female secretarial staff often came by around 4 pm, and the wardeness had to problem letting them in.  It was quite improper, but the offenders didn't seem to mind, as it was actually a sort of insurance policy for them -- with spectators they seemed to feel that they would be less likely to be flogged so hard.

fugitive from a chain gang whipped

The wardeness who used the strap became expert at the most effective methods of applying it.  She would bring the strap overhead and with a quick swing and snap of the wrist, give it a jerk and a popping sound which would then land with maximum impact.  She would give the prisoner three to six licks from one side, and then step across to the other side and strap the same amount.  Some might have thought it was kinder to change and not whip in the same place, but it was plain that this was done so that the buttocks did not become desensitized (= used to it, when one keeps whipping the same areas in the same way).  When the guard circled back around and started in again on an already sore bottom that had just started to recover - it would sting worse.