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high school girl in tight jeans

I would like to get a quote for a story and of course about 6 pictures to go with it…

My wife, Gina, grew up in Kentucky, and went to high school there from 1978-82. At that time, corporal punishment for both male and female high school students was carried out. Although not as common for the girls, it did happen from time to time.

Unfortunately, my wife is not into spanking, but realizing that I am, she humors me with the story of her one corporal punishment session. She laughs at the way the story turns me on, and will role play it with me as long as I make the smacks light.

coach with paddle

For the girls, it was the vice principle, Miss E, who administered corporal punishment when necessary. Since she doubled as the tennis coach, it was joked that she had a good swing with a paddle as well as a tennis racquet. Needless to say, outside of the normal set of high school pranks and stunts, serious behavior problems weren't all that significant in school.


The first time my wife was in trouble was for not bringing her gym outfit to class for two days in a row. Naturally, she wasn’t paddled for this, but let off with a lecture and a warning. But two weeks later she got caught sneaking away for a cigarette with some of her friends. Since it was her second offense, the principle wrote out a slip, and told her she would have to see Miss E about this, but to stop by the nurse’s office first. At this Gina was pretty worried, since she knew that girls were sent to the nurse to be cleared to get paddled.

Not having any choice in the matter, she sheepishly stopped by the nurse’s office. After a few questions the nurse told her that corporal punishment was an alternative. Since cigarettes (back then) were very much looked down on – she could either get both two weeks detention and not go to the prom, or take five swats with the paddle. Mrs. E’s office hours were 3 to 4:40pm, and Gina had up to two days to report there.

high school girl and gym coach

Rather than wait the two days, Gina was embarrassed at the thought of having anyone know she was to be spanked, and went directly to Miss E's office.

Miss E looked at the papers, took out the paddle, and repeated the choice.

high school girl in office

Despite Miss E's stern look, and the menacing presence of the paddle in her hand, Gina sheepishly accepted that she would be paddled.

high school girl bending over

Miss E ordered her to turn around, bend over and grab her ankles. At first, partially out of instinctive shyness, Gina just put her hands on her knees, hoping it would be enough. But Miss E repeated that she touch her ankles, explaining that the paddling had to be applied to the underside of the bottom - not only because this is where one sits (hence one presumes, will be reminded of the punishment every time one sits down), but because the kidneys are close to the upper buttocks. Great, Gina thought, as she bent over all the way.

high school girl being paddled Miss E lightly touched her bottom with the paddle to set the distance, then bang. Gina hoped that no one was in the office outside to hear.
Although uptight, the first swat wasn't as bad as she'd thought. The anticipation and sound were worse.

high school girl being paddled The second lick however, while not as fearsome as the first – stung more, since it was delivered to an already sore area. Gina kept her bent over position, but shifted her hips around a little to help ward off the sting.

high school girl rubs bottom

After lick three, she jumped up to rub her bottom, but was sternly ordered back down to get the last two. Gina found that yes, swinging one's hips around and bouncing one's bottom up and down a little would in fact, help ward off the sting.

Finally, when the punishment was over, Miss E's stern expression vanished. She was friendly and chatted with Gina a bit - telling her she took her licks well, but, in a voice that treated it as if it were some casual event, which put Gina at ease. She told her that she didn't want to see her back, and offered Gina the chance to sign the paddle. Picking up on the mood and figuring what the heck (and ignoring the warm, stinging underside of her bottom), Gina signed

paddling bruises

After it was over, Gina went into the bathroom. Since no one was there and she was curious, she lowered her jeans in front of the mirror to check her wounds. Miss E had been true to her reputation and didn't hold back. Gina had a pair of bullseye looking bruises on the lower part of her butt cheeks for over 2 weeks. And yes I absolutely saw and touched them more than a few times. Needless to say, I asked her to marry me that summer, and we've been together since HAPPLY! Gina is 45 now, and still looks good.