Parents, Shopping for Discipline, Turn to Tough Schools
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two schoolgirls

A friend and myself got caught cheating on a French exam, and both of us just sat there smirking after class. While she got completely out of it (her father was a major contributor to the school), I was about to receive a lesson in politics. Perhaps because of her being let completely off with just a warning, my sentence was mitigated. I was declared more the culprit in the matter and was sentenced to a relatively light punishment of "only" ten swats.

The school had a dress code that allowed dresses and skirts only (no trousers), and paddlings were always given on the backside with dress/skirt hem lifted up. When a girl was to be punished, the teacher would fill out two forms. One would go to the office and describe the nature of the offense and the recommended sentence (how many swats or strokes). The other would go to the disciplinary committee. A girl had up to a week to appeal to the disciplinary committee (who could override the teacher's sentence) or if unsuccessful, report to the office. Paddlings were conducted late on Friday afternoons (presumably to give you the weekend to recover).

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