CP Writing 101: Essential Elements of Corporal Punishment Literature

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2. The announcement of the whipping.

Passing a sentence, or being called up before the warden to explain her behavior. Being brought before a judge, the principle or head mistress. Being brought before a school committee for judgment.

Oh surely you don't mean to whip us! But our entreaties only provoked chuckling among the men, as if it were such an everyday practice that we were begging to be spared from.

From Dolly Morton, available in Member's Area

dolly morton pleads not to be whipped


Miss Dean begged one more time to be permitted her clothes. Could you not at least permit me my undergarments? They won't protect me much. But the men merely smiled at such a suggestion. You were sentenced to be whipped on the naked posterior, one exclaimed. Besides, he went on, who ever heard of a whuppin' over a clothed bottom? Once again the sound of chuckling could be heard among the audience - eager to see justice done.


My vice principle had told her she was going to get twelve swats, and ordered her to raise her skirt and bend over the desk. Elena looked at me with imploring eyes - virtually begging me to override Miss Crane and spare her bottom the paddle. For a split second I was tempted. Once before, I had seen Miss Crane use the paddle. I knew what a fearsome instrument of discipline it was in her hands. Miss Crane had been a champion tennis player. She could swing a paddle awfully hard, and I was intrigued to see how the forearm practice would play out on poor Elena's buttocks.

school girl does not want a paddling

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